Whatsapp X Apk Latest Version | X Whatsapp 2023

Whatsapp X Apk Latest Version | X Whatsapp 2023

Name Whatsapp X
Package com.whatsapp
Category Apps
Size 47
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features New Themes
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If you love to use Whatsapp X Apk, then this Whatsapp mod for Android can be your best companion. It has great features like hiding/freezing last seen, hiding blue ticks, lock...
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If you love to use Whatsapp X Apk, then this Whatsapp mod for Android can be your best companion. It has great features like hiding/freezing last seen, hiding blue ticks, locking WhatsApp chats, and much more. So without further ado, let’s roll out the download link for this mod in the next section of Whatsapp X Apk Latest Version.

X Whatsapp is based on the popular Soula GB Whatsapp and has a very different interface than the original. You will be able to hide/freeze the last seen, hide blue ticks, hide second ticks, and much more. The Whatsapp mod apk download allows you to view deleted messages with the help of Whatsapp En iPhone X. 

Whatsapp X

What is Whatsapp X?

Whatsapp X Plus is the best alternative for Whatsapp, which does not consume much RAM and storage. So if you have low RAM or storage then this mod is for you. Another advantage of this mod is that it does not have ads and pop-ups, so if you don’t want ads then choose this app over other ones because it has more features than any other Whatsapp mod app in the market. 

Wax is a free, lightweight WhatsApp mod that offers you more features than you can get in the official app. It is a great option for older devices and consumes very little storage, making it perfect for those with low amounts of RAM. Whatsapp X Plus v3.8.0 Mod Apk is easy to install and works with all devices only on our website AhAmot like MK Whatsapp Apk.

Why use Whatsapp X

Whatsapp X Plus Mod Apk has a lot of features that can improve the performance of your smartphone, for example, an anti-ban feature, cloud printing, call blocking, etc. Whatsapp is an Android application that gives you access to all the features of Instagram. With Whatsapp X Latest Version, there are many ways to enhance your social media experience.

The X Whatsapp enables you to enjoy its services like sending and receiving, taking pictures or videos, uploading or sharing videos, posting messages, and so on. With Whatsapp x plus mod apk, you will get many different customization options to make your app look unique. You can also add stickers, backgrounds, themes, and many more features that have no root access.

Whatsapp Xtract – Features

1- Anti Ban

Whatsapp is the best WhatsApp mod apk. Whatsapp mod apk appears with an anti-ban characteristic, which maintains your catalog from prohibition.

2- Anti Status Delete

If you have deleted the messages on App, you can now find them again with WhatsappX Apk Latest Version. Just insert the SIM card and activate it by clicking on the “START” button. The app will start running automatically and you can now read your deleted messages. You can also read messages that you have deleted from the sender’s profile to reply to them.

3- Hide Second Tick

Do you want to hide the WhatsApp Status Viewer? If so, then here are the features. Hiding your status is a simple way to avoid unwanted comments or being a ghost in the mention section of your friends. You just need to enable WhatsappX Download and you can hide the view status.

4- Hide/Freeze Last Seen

Hiding the last scene of your status is helpful for those who want to act discreetly. The feature will allow you to hide your status from others, so nobody will know whether you are online or offline.

5- Blue Ticks After Reply in Whatsapp X Download

The blue ticks are the signs that show your friends, family, or colleagues that you have read their message or seen their profile. In WhatsappX Apk, you can enable the “blue ticks after reply” feature that makes you a more private user of Whatsapp. In iPhone X Whatsapp, you can examine the messages of your companions and family without showing ticks.

6- Hide Blue Ticks/Blue Ticks After Reply

Whatsapp Xtract is for those who love blue ticks and dislike them. Whatsapp Gb iPhone X will make it extremely difficult for the sender to complain about their messages not being seen. Blue ticks mean that the person whom you send has read all of your messages and also replied. If you allow this function, then you can read all messages submitted by your friends without showing blue ticks.

7- Status Downloader

WhatsappX Plus Mod Apk is one of the best features of this device. It allows you to download videos on WhatsApp and also play music through it. You also get a status downloader. Whatsapp iPhone X Problem is a good new Whatsapp mod, which gives you the ability to download all your messages directly into your gallery.

8- DND Mode

The Whatsapp Mod has several unique features that you will find very useful. It has a do not disturb mode, which makes it possible for you to completely disable all the notifications on your smartphone. This is ideal for people who are always online on Whatsapp and do not require any distractions from incoming messages. Whatsappx plus has a feature that allows you to use the Do not disturb mode when no one is calling or messaging you. You just need to set it up and gain some benefits from it like Gmwhatsapp Latest Version.

How do you download and install Whatsapp X?

Turn to the settings of your gadget and authorize the unknown source installation process.

  • For now, go to the download folder of the Whatsapp X Apk. Commune on the X Whatsapp Apk Download.
  • Press the install button. Whatsapp X Ipad will put up with only a few minutes to establish itself entirely.
  • That’s all you have to do to establish Whatsapp X Plus Apk. After installing the app, Unlock it and bring your Whatsapp statement and celebrate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whatsapp X Plus Apk

Is Whatsapp X a virus?

Whatsapp X is a secure way to communicate, with more security and privacy than your phone has ever allowed. It’s time to say goodbye to worrying and hello to something better.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp X?

Whatsapp X is a secure messaging service that helps you keep your friends and family updated. With Whatsapp X you can send photos, and videos, and make free voice calls from anywhere in the world to any phone number or email address. 

Wrap up!

WhatsApp X by Soula is another modified version of the popular Android messenger, app. In Download Whatsapp NM, you can also hide and freeze you are last seen as well as hide your chats. With the help of Whatsapp X Plus, everyone can now have a great time chatting with their friends and family members directly through their devices.

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