Sm Whatsapp Download – Whatsapp Sm 2023

Sm Whatsapp Download – Whatsapp Sm 2023

Name SM WhatsApp
Package com.whatsapp
Category Apps
Version 3.6.0
Size 29.1 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features No
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SM WhatsApp is a top-ranking instant messaging client for social networking. Smwhatsapp app works on Android smartphones and tablets operated by Google Inc. SM WhatsApp will a...
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SM WhatsApp is a top-ranking instant messaging client for social networking. Smwhatsapp app works on Android smartphones and tablets operated by Google Inc. SM WhatsApp will allow you to stay connected to social networks like Facebook, and Twitter. Moreover, the SM WhatsApp mod version is the best app to use on your android phone. The Smwhatsapp app is specialized in connecting with all your friends and also enjoys the additional features of the Smwhatsapp mod version.

Have you been searching for the best sm WhatsApp Mod? Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best sm WhatsApp mods that add new features and new versions to your phone.SM WhatsApp is a simple and functional version of the app for quick control over all the necessary aspects of your connection through the app. Sm Whatsapp is the best application you can download and install on your device.

SM WhatsApp

What is SM Whatsapp?

SM Whatsapp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application. With an improved design, more security settings and customization options, and more control over privacy, SM Whatsapp helps you easily manage all your chats on the go.SM Whatsapp provides a lock feature that makes your chats much safer from intruders. 

The app also acts as a good ad blocker, blocking unwanted ads and rendering their content useless for you. If you are using SM WhatsApp, we have provided the latest version of SM WhatsApp on PGS with a mobile number. Just download it and enjoy. You can download or register to download by using a normal mobile phone or contact us for further instructions. Get access to Whatsapp on Android devices with our modded version.

Sm Whatsapp Dp is packed with advanced stunning features and a built-in App Lock which is an amazing security feature to protect your private chats from exposure. With the best security, ease, and efficiency of SM WhatsApp’s latest version on your phone. It makes it simple for you to make the most frequently used calls and texts.

What’s New

  • The Whatsapp Sm, and without any SMS costs. A very convenient experience.
  • Smwhatsapp Whatsapp Mod includes Whatsapp Emoji and emoji Extension. Many of you were looking for Smwhatsapp Mod. 
  • The Sm sticker comes in 6 different sizes. You can now take away a portion of your screen and leave something behind, personalized with any text you choose.
  • Update your Whatsapp app to get the new icon.

Sm Whatsapp Features

Sm Whatsapp Features is a mod that you can use for WhatsApp. It comes with lots of features that make your life better.

1: Unlimited Stickers

Smwhatsapp is a free app that offers you the best stickers to use on social media. There are plenty of categories to choose from and the latest technology means that you can always find the latest animations, designs, and more. These stickers are easy to set up and use, just click and drag the sticker to a chat screen or message.

2: Privacy Option

WhatsApp privacy mod lets you hide your last seen, call button, and blue tick to prevent people from knowing what you are doing. You can also change the way these features look on your WhatsApp account by resetting it to its original state.WhatsApp has a wide range of privacy modes that help you hide or limit some of your online activities.

3: App Lock Sm Whatsapp Features

Keep your media and chats safe with the Smwhatsapp app lock that lets you lock your Whatsapp chats and media. No need to download a separate app lock, the in-built Whatsapp app lock will do it for you. Our conversation security app is simple to use and lets you control who can read, write and message you on WhatsApp. You can also set a password to keep your chats private.

4: Customize Notifications

SM WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp.Modify the look of the application’s interface by changing themes and icons. Enjoy customizing from your color palettes and choosing specific accent colors for important features.

5: Download Sm Whatsapp Status

Sm Whatsapp Status allows you to download the latest status of all your contact lists. With a high-speed internet connection, it will take very less time for downloading. If you wish, you can save the image or video in your phone’s gallery or external storage. Sm Whatsapp Status is the best app for SMS and chat same as Whatsapp AL.

6: Messages and Calls Without Saving Number

SM Whatsapp lets you send messages directly to selected contacts without saving their number. Smwhatsapp means you don’t need to manually find the contact on WhatsApp first and then message them. Instead, select the contact from your phonebook and send a message without needing to save it on your phone.

7: New Themes and User Interface

Have you ever been bored with the interface of WhatsApp and now you can have a new start? The updated interface will make your experience more fun and trendy.SM is a simple and beautiful interface with lots of colors. The latest update makes Smwhatsapp app more fun and trendy like Dyowa.

8: Chat Lock

In the SM WhatApp Application, you can start your chat with a password and pin lock. To use the password and PIN lock, you must first turn on the Smwhatsapp feature from the settings of your SM App. After activating the PIN lock feature, it will also be necessary that you set up individual conversations or group chats by locking them individually.

9: App Icon

Sm Whatsapp Latest Version is the world’s leading instant messaging app which provides a different messaging experience for each user. You can choose from a wide array of icons and colors to make your instant messaging app brand more engaging. The unique SM Whatsapp design makes your app better looking. The collection of icon designs available here will help you to deliver a unique look to your app.

How to Download SMWhatsapp 

  • Unlocking your phone is the first step to unlocking the web browser on it. Smwhatsapp can be done by going to the settings and choosing ‘security’. Then select ‘taker of an extraordinary measure’ and choose ‘unlock software.
  • The Search sm WhatsApp will help you to find more info About WhatsApp.
  • The part of the website should be a download button. If not, you can open your phone browser, go to the download page and find it.
  • Check the download file and then, open it on your phone. Welcome to SM WhatsApp Download. 
  • Our SM WhatsApp is 100% free of viruses, malware, and spyware. Smwhatsapp App is 100% Free, Without Ads.

How to Install SM Whatsapp 

  • Download the Whatsapp app for android and enjoy unlimited chatting with friends and family around the world.
  • Open your browser and go to the downloads section, once there click on the newest version which is available. 
  • Install apps from the store and set rules for their installation.
  • You have successfully installed the app.

Frequently Asked Questions About SM Whatsapp FAQs

Whatsapp is the latest and greatest mod for your android device. It’s 100% Legal and Official. Whatsapp is a perfect social application for all ages.

The Whatsapp app is a free messaging app in the country. SMS Whatsapp means nothing but it is an unofficial mod of Whatsapp, which brings unique features and various improvements so that you can enjoy your chat with your friends and family.

Is SMWhatsapp Apk safe to use?

Yes, WhatsApp is 100% secure to use on your phone. We take your privacy and security seriously, and we perform extensive risk assessments of every source code change before it makes its way into our product. Much like other messaging services, WhatsApp is also not without security threats. The company recommends users be careful of messages that originate from unknown sources as they may contain malicious programs or virus attachments.

How to install SMWhatsApp?

Download Sm Whatsapp Latest Version of the file and save it on your smartphone (only Android support). After downloading, press “Install” and wait for the installation to be complete. You will have to check for the updated version of WhatsApp from the Play Store after it’s installed. If you have a compatible mobile device, we’ve set Smwhatsapp content up to work on your device.


Sm Whatsapp Latest Version is an unofficial Mod version of WhatsApp. But the security risks are a bit higher. We are not responsible for your account getting banned. SMS Whatsapp is a free, secure, and fast messaging app that delivers in the palm of your hand. It is free, meaning that you can reach your friends and loved ones with no strings attached. WhatsApp Mod is one of the most popular mods on The Macks website. 

Smwhatsapp mod completely removes ads and adds tons of customization options, including everything from font colors to a new music button. Smwhatsapp app is cool to me because it can help me to send my messages to my friends with whom I don’t have the chance to chat. I think it’s useful for business purposes too like it has the same function as MK Whatsapp.

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