Ukraine’s Freedom: Is Putin crazy?

bambi slayer 300x200 Ukraines Freedom: Is Putin crazy?

Does the northern Bambi-slayer have medium-like contacts with “another world”? Or had Putin just gone crazy?

Is Putin crazy? From Western mass-media it looks like the whole world order these days depends on the question of Putin’s (in)sanity. Many still think Putin has gone mad\crazy\insane.

He has and he has not.
To understand Putin we need to take a deep dive into Russian infra-mystics.
Bloomberg’s logic “he’s not crazy, he’s KGB” is just an “outer” part of the answer, but to understand this creature’s motivation we need to go really deep into dark realms of consciousness and metaphysics. Western intellectuals don’t like Russian mystics – common sense of protestant-spirit countries is afraid of old Christian spirituality and visionarism, that often operate at the edge of pshychotism.

One of great Russian writers, Tyutchev, had once dropped a phrase, that has become a proverb: “You can’t understand Russia with your mind”.

It’s true – Russian rulers’ deeds logic, especially that of tsars, gensecs, and other chieftains had often gone beyond Western attemps to rationally predict or understand it. When Anglo-Saxons ask “is Putin a rational player?”, they think of rationality of their own type, and Putin’s deeds seem illogical or controversial.
Very representative is the case with Merkel who characterized Putin as loosing contact with reality as existing “in another world”.

A great but almost uknown in the West Russian mystic Daniil Andreev in his “Rose of the World” treatis described this Russian-tsar type of rationality as influenced by (and, to some extent, controlled by) a “demon of imperial state” and outlined destinctive features that define it’s logic.

No, you don’t neccesary need to believe in real or “physical” demons – for ease of comprehension we can use Andreev’s image as a grave metaphor for different rationality. This “demon of imperial state”(its name is uitsraor “Zhrugr”) rationality has different aims and values, than rationality of human.
Demon consumes the emanations of human emotions like pride for the state (not for the country or nation, but for the state-machine), happines from other countries being scared of yours, stately cult and military parades — these seemingly irrational things in Russia that other people never understand. I mean things like readiness of Russians to live miserable lives but with a feeling of superiority of Russian state-power, army, culture and religion over everyone else, their idiotic cult of WW2.

Russains don’t want anyone to love them, they are happy only if neighboring countries, better – all the world around is afraid of them.

A very good example of this psychology is seen today in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Most of Ukrainians have relatives in Russia – it’s the result of population mixing practices of USSR, and these Russians (which just half a year ago would only despise Ukrainians as inferior and stupid brothers) all of a sudden began intensively hating and wanting to kill their Ukrainian relatives – this how strong propaganda and emotions feeding the Russian demon are. This has become a psychologic shock for us – traumatic and difficult to comprehend.

Andreev states that this power over minds does come not only from television. A leader of a great country is always to some extent under demon’s control.
The “Dark seer” doesn’t always have a connection and understanding of what’s going on — that the imperatives and impulses in his mind are not always his own. In fact, the parts of his will that go against uitsraor are suppressed by the latter.

Andreev called Stalin the “incarnation of future Antichrist on a training mission”, foretelling his new embodiment in the future. (This shouldn’t seem strange: although Christian, Andreev’s spiritual experience did support the concept of reincarnation). Of course, it’s not about Putin, but you can see that Putin’s action’s goal is politically and economically stupid – he tries to conquer the poor pro-Russian regions of Ukraine which could never feed themselves. Donbass and Crimea need huge financial help, and this burden will lie on Russian economy and Russian people. Russia suffers heavy economic sanctions, and after this war will end up with receiving well-armed enemies at its Western borders.

The psychology of Russian population many-many years under influence of uitsraor and state-propaganda machine influenced by him seems strange for American or European. A Russian might not have a washing machine or have a dug-in-the-mud toilet outside the house, but if the state sends him a message that all the world is afraid of Russians and all the countries are plotting against Russians (the state prop does it quite often) and his tsar/president has made a new cannon/missile, the Russian will support such a leader.

So, the war is not beneficial for Russia and for its people. They’ll only become poorer from it. Why do they histerically support the war against Ukraine then? That’s what Andreev calls the demon-power over the minds of imperial populations…

This subtle feeling of tsars’ demonisation has always been present in Russian sectarian movements. Todays mystic Vissarion (who is undoubtly a man of charism and spiritual power – his new religious movement has provoked more than five thousand people abandon usual life and move to his “City of Sun” in the forests of Siberia) has announced Lenin as Antichrist. Probably, because of similar to Andreev’s visionary experience of different realms.

What is important for us is that the logic that pushes Putin forward is logic of uitsraor with his interests. During centuries Russia had built strong mechanisms of feeding their state demon. They were tuned to supereffectiveness by Stalin in WW2. — It’s not a mere coincidence that Russian propaganda in its shaping the image of Ukraine operates the stereotypes of WW2, that ended almost 70 years ago. It uses Soviet, imperial language calling Ukrainians “nazis”, “fascicsts”, and cold war lexicon about “Russia’s enemies in the West”. This heroic discourse sounds idiotic for a foreign observer, but it works perfectly in Russia — the population believes they are going to “free” Ukraine – like they’ve “freed” Hungary, Chechoslovakia, Finland, Poland, and many other countries.

Thus the Russians with their Putin “radiate” state-machine pride emotions (remember – it’s the “food” of uitsraor) just to feed their demon and the whole world tries to guess if Putin has really gone crazy.

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