Researcher of religion I.Kozlovskyi kidnapped by Russian terrorists in Donetsk

 Researcher of religion I.Kozlovskyi kidnapped by Russian terrorists in Donetsk

Igor Kozlovskyi, (photo from

A prominent researcher of religion Igor Kozlovskyi was kidnapped by Russian terrorists in Donetsk two days ago. After the kidnapping unknown people had broken into his appartment, stole his collection of antiques, computer, appliences and documents.

His wife Valentyna who had a telephone talk with those people was told that Kozlovskyi had been arrested for “wrong correspondence in Facebook”.

Later she found out that he was put into a MGB cellar.

MGB (a Donbas terrorist analogue of  KGB with similar methods) has not confirmed Kozlovskyi’s arrest.

The kidnapping of Igor Kozlovskyi took place after a demonstration against “sects” (all non-Moscow Patriarchy denominations and religions) and a night blowing up of Lenin monument in Donetsk. Some over people with possible pro-Ukrainian position were captured as well, a volunteer coordinator Maryna Cherenkova among them.

Igor Kozlovskyi (a honorary citizen of the Oklahoma State, by the way) is known scholar and public figure, author of many books and organizer of several public initiatives. After Russian invasion, Kozlovskyi was not able to leave Donetsk because he nursed his sick son.

The so-called “DNR (Donetsk Peoples Republic)” terrorist organization has not released any comments on the matter yet.

We all pray for Igor and ask for any help and information in his cause.

UPD 03.02.2016: today a Russian historian, phD V.Solovei has informed citing his private sources in Donetsk, that 60-year-old Kozlovskyi might be charged with the “creation of armed band for murder and robbery”.

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Russian Orthodox Army – a case of “Russian World” implementation

img 54ad2b6c9199e Russian Orthodox Army   a case of Russian World implementation

Church burning in Donbas

We have written about the rising phenomenon of Russian Orthodox Extremism already, and to illustrate its practical implementation here is a brief sketch of its most dreadful implementation – a band called Russian Orthodox Army (ROA) – savage heavily armed terrorist group operating in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine’s Donbas. This regiment is known (and feared in Donbas) for kidnappings, persecutions, killings, and tortures of believers of other than Russian Orthodoxy religions. Ukrainian Orthodox, Catholics, Greek-Catholics, and Protestants are in the top of ROA’s hit-list. (more…)

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5 Most Famous Shingle Roof Wooden Churches of Ukraine’s Lviv Region

shingle 5 Most Famous Shingle Roof Wooden Churches of Ukraines Lviv Region

Check out those 5 unique wooden churches in Lviv region of Ukraine, which have preserved their authentic look and style.

Ukrainian wooden church architecture of XVI-XVII centuries has no analogues in the whole world. Western Ukrainians built churches in a log construction technique and covered them with a sloping roofs made of wedged figured slats, called shingle (гонта, гонт, pronounced “gont”). Good-quality shingle roof can stand a test of more than 100 years under harsh climate. This technique has been used till late XIX century when tin roofs became popular due to emerging iron sheet  industry.  Most representatives of shingle architecture haven’t survived wars and fire, but still a visitor to Lviv region can find those beautiful remnants of wooden temple world.  (more…)

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5 Most Famous Churches of Kyiv

375b 5 Most Famous Churches of Kyiv

Great monasteries and ancient churches dominate the skyline of modern Kyiv. Like centuries ago, those majestic buildings shine with their golden domes creating unique atmosphere of Ukraine’s capital. Come’n’discover the most famous churches of Kyiv, their history, and mysterious legends

Old Europe believed that temples determine face and soul of the city. Much of Kyiv’s sacred architecture had been destroyed during wars that tore this land quite often in the past, but many unique temples built on those extremely complex terrains have survived and add their glory to Kyiv’s picturesque scenery. (more…)

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Celestial sotnya – Heroes never die

img 5474583a95862 e1416910936210 Celestial sotnya   Heroes never die
What is Celestial Hundred, and what is its spiritual significance for Ukrainians?

“Celestial hundred” (“Небесна Сотня” in Ukrainian: another translation into English “heaven sotnya” or “sotnia” — sotnya was a basic military unit of hundred people in late medieval and early-modern Ukrainian army) is the name given to those who died in a bloody fight against criminal dictator Victor Yanukovych during Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in winter of 2013-2014, (more…)

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Ukraine’s Freedom: Is Putin crazy?

bambi slayer 300x200 Ukraines Freedom: Is Putin crazy?

Does the northern Bambi-slayer have medium-like contacts with “another world”? Or had Putin just gone crazy?

Is Putin crazy? From Western mass-media it looks like the whole world order these days depends on the question of Putin’s (in)sanity. Many still think Putin has gone mad\crazy\insane.

He has and he has not.
To understand Putin we need to take a deep dive into Russian infra-mystics.
Bloomberg’s logic “he’s not crazy, he’s KGB” is just an “outer” part of the answer, but to understand this creature’s motivation we need to go really deep into dark realms of consciousness and metaphysics. Western intellectuals don’t like Russian mystics – common sense of protestant-spirit countries is afraid of old Christian spirituality and visionarism, that often operate at the edge of pshychotism.

One of great Russian writers, Tyutchev, had once dropped a phrase, that has become a proverb: “You can’t understand Russia with your mind”.

It’s true – Russian rulers’ deeds logic, especially that of tsars, gensecs, and other chieftains had often gone beyond Western attemps to rationally predict or understand it. When Anglo-Saxons ask “is Putin a rational player?”, they think of rationality of their own type, and Putin’s deeds seem illogical or controversial. (more…)

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Ukraine’s freedom: we want our nukes back

ru nuke irbm ss20 01 300x189 Ukraines freedom: we want our nukes backSo, the Crimean “referendum” has started. Russia has occupied a part of Ukraine, Russian provocations take place all over southern and eastern Ukraine every day. Russian troops in full readiness stay along the borders of the largest European country even from the side of Belorus. They are ready to attack. Neither EU, nor the USA have done anything except “sanctions” to prevent this.

In 1990ies Ukraine had given away all of its nukes in exchange for borders’ integrity guarantees from USA, UK, and Russia. After collapse of USSR Ukraine had the third largest nuclear arsenal after USA and Russia. Many called this act of peaceful giving away those devastating weapons a political suicide, but the nation wanted to live in peace after horrors of Soviet regime.
Our nuclear arsenal was big enough to keep all the planet in terror, and to make good money from selling its parts to all kinds of terrorist regimes. Ukrainian people had chosen a different way and the strongest world powers did guarantee us peace.

The West, as during our revolution against Yanukovych, is still “deeply concerned”. More and more people in Ukraine think – all those “guarantees” are worth nothing. West is not protecting us. No matter how this conflict is resolved (looks like without US help Ukraine is to lose at least Crimea, or couple more regions, or even all the Left-bank Ukraine in worst scenario), we ought to get the nukes back for protection from Kremlin.

We do not want the mass destruction weapons back. But it looks like we desperately need them. (more…)

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Ukraine’s freedom: post-revolution, history, Putin…

 Ukraine’s freedom: post revolution, history, Putin...

Armed with Russian weaponry people in masks with no signs capturing local governmental buildings in Ukraine. They raise Russian banner. Guess, which neighboring country have these troops come from?

From Ukraine’s capital Kyiv everything looks surreal: we have just overthrown a corrupt and bloody Putin’s marionette, and at this moment Russian troops with newest weaponry land en masse in Ukrainian territory, surround Ukrainian army bases, threat Ukrainian soldiers’ families. Newcomers wear masks, but everyone knows they are Putin’s – if a French army in masks landed in Yorkshire, in just couple days everyone would know where the troops have come from.

More absurd: Putin is getting nominated for Nobel Peace Prize and Germany asks Russia not to invade Ukraine! It’s an absolutely unimaginable thing from the XXth century history’s view. But there’s more: Ukraine’s ex-president, guilty in hundreds of deaths asks Russian president to invade the neighbour-country and the latter sends his troops to “protect” Ukraine against Americans (!). (more…)

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Ukraine’s freedom: waiting Putin in Crimea

1781886 577410609022733 2141436686 n Ukraines freedom: waiting Putin in Crimea

In Ukraine, after victory over Yanukovych, we have some premonition or, at least some hope, that if Putin is crazy enough to attack Ukraine, it will bring the collapse to the greatest totalitarian zombie-regime of this time.

My dear friends, it’s late evening in Ukraine now, and the ontology of all post-Soviet totalitarian regimes is the same – all the evil (no matter is it named “putin”, “yanukovych” or anything else) does it’s dirty stuff at dark. Hope and pray, we all have a non-violent night.

Couple hours ago the Russians have brought more troops into Crimea and it looks like they are going to bring some new heavy tanks in. Yanukovych has officially asked Putin for invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine

Their number in Crimea is now estimated around 16 000 – it is 6k more, than the existing treaty allows Russian Federation to keep  in Crimea. More and more Ukrainian army units report armed provocations on peninsula. Russian ships are also trying to block Ukrainian coastal guard corvettes from escaping into the sea from Crimea.

There are lots of both – evidence and rumors of Russian army moving near land borders with Ukraine.

I still hope Putin is sane and it’s just a series of provocations to destabilize new government in Ukraine. If he wanted to strike, he’d have done it already in Pearl-Harbor style while Ukrainian Army was unprepared – Russians know how to do it – Soviet army did pretty effective  reconkista of Ukraine 70 years ago. But Ukrainians are ready to fight. Getting rid of Yanukovych we’ve found out that we are much stronger when’ve thought just two weeks ago, and now many people feel there is enough won to die for it. Ukrainian anthem says: “we’ll sacrifice soul and body for our freedom” and Maidan has shown that there’s much more in it than just words.

Ukrainian command in Crimea does really have the nerves of steel – although it’s their right to do it, they still haven’t fired a single shot – because it’s just what Putin wants to. To make his movie of “nazis attacking Russians” he’ll probably have to make massacre of his own troops, just like Yanukovych did couple weeks ago. (more…)

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Karmapa’s dream flag and Ukraine’s flag similarity — mere coincidence?

img 54745f5db72a9 Karmapas dream flag and Ukraines flag similarity    mere coincidence?

Karmapa’s “Dream Flag” – the Victorious Flag of Buddha’s Wisdom

img 547590f90df65 e1416991027664 Karmapas dream flag and Ukraines flag similarity    mere coincidence?

Ukraines Flag with insignia “Gop is with us” and Ukrainian National symbol – the Trident

Is it a mere coincidence that Karmapa’s dream flag has the same colors as Ukrainian national banner under which the Euromaidan revolution took place in 2013-2014? (more…)

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