5 Most Famous Shingle Roof Wooden Churches of Ukraine’s Lviv Region

shingle 5 Most Famous Shingle Roof Wooden Churches of Ukraines Lviv Region

Check out those 5 unique wooden churches in Lviv region of Ukraine, which have preserved their authentic look and style.

Ukrainian wooden church architecture of XVI-XVII centuries has no analogues in the whole world. Western Ukrainians built churches in a log construction technique and covered them with a sloping roofs made of wedged figured slats, called shingle (гонта, гонт, pronounced “gont”). Good-quality shingle roof can stand a test of more than 100 years under harsh climate. This technique has been used till late XIX century when tin roofs became popular due to emerging iron sheet  industry.  Most representatives of shingle architecture haven’t survived wars and fire, but still a visitor to Lviv region can find those beautiful remnants of wooden temple world.  (more…)

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