Matrix and Skynet era

QuoteSkynetmatrix 300x209 Matrix and Skynet era I usually write about religion, psychology, and consciousness, but today I want to hit the problem of Internet’s evolution and its direction.  A recent survey has shown that more than 61% of Internet traffic is non human-generated. This number can be an underestimation. Around two-thirds of Internet traffic comes from all kinds of bots, crawlers, and automated software (sometimes malicious). This tendency grows every year, slowly pushing “originally human” activities to Internet’s margin.

Our “information sphere’s” complexity grows constantly and the top level market is in desperate need for specialists who understand and can effectively manage and control it. Every now and then we find out that humanity doesn’t know even the Internet’s basic facts for sure — we humans don’t even know the size of Internet we have created, and the pure theory tells us that whenever the complexity of any system grows to its critical point (more…)

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