How many ISKCON devotees are there?

IMG 1353 300x225 How many ISKCON devotees are there?

How many ISKCON vaishnavas are there worldwide? (Photo credit

So, how many people actually follow Krishna consciousness via ISCKON? A researcher who decides to go beyond usual ISKCON’s answer of “hundreds of millions people follow Krishna” has first to face the problem of whom to count – those who follow “4 regulative principles”? How strictly? Those who are initiated? Those who repeat mahamantra? Those, who repeat 16 rounds of japa daily? Or those who have pranama?

Or should we use common method used in religious studies and try to count “active believers” – those who visit ISKCON temples at least once a week (as researchers of religion usually count believers in most Christian countries) and repeat mahamantra from time to time.

English-language Internet keeps silence on the membership stats. One of the numbers easily available in  the  Internet is (more…)

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