New Varshana – ISKCON eco-farm in Southern Ukraine

Image000311 New Varshana   ISKCON eco farm in Southern Ukraine

New Varshana — ISKCON eco-farm somewhere between Odesa and Vinnytsa, Ukraine

New Varshana, Hare Krishna nama hatta and farm community of ISKCON in Odesa region of Ukraine was established in 2010. decided to check out how this interesting project combining religion, agriculture, and eco-ideas develops in a remote region of Southern Ukraine.

After the ordeal by Ukrainian system of public transportation (Kyiv-Kotovsk-Balta-Evtodiiv), although there’s a simplier way, (which requires long walk and good orientation skill), we finally got to New Varshana in Karmalyukivka village.

We found 7 hats, several acres of land, 15 Hare Krishna people, living in the “eco-village” constantly and dozens who had come with a visit for a holiday and yagya. (more…)

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Why do indians litter so much?

19nblKalim1 184314 Why do indians litter so much?

All the travelers to India in their first days in the country are horrified, of an awful, in terms of Western culture, custom — why do Indians litter that much? Why the streets of India are so dirty? Not even the uneducated, but even members of higher castes, who don’t tolerate a single spot of dust in their homes, can throw garbage on the streets, just near the high walls of their estates.

For a couple of weeks travelers, if not fleeing home, get used to trash around, but the question remains. Typical situation: talking with a Hindu about terrible pollution, drinking chai with seagulls around, your Hindu friend shakes his head “yes, yes,” and agrees — that we do so poor job with our ecology, we need to be more conscious about environmental conservation (it’s better not raise at all the questions of esthetic side of garbage piles), and then, after another “yes, sure, you’re right,” your Hindu friend will throw the plastic cup from his tea down to street, and go on.

Why? – Such an ancient culture, developed religious, emotional, social, scientific “spheres”,  etc… But why there’s so much garbage on the streets of India? (more…)

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