Researcher of religion I.Kozlovskyi kidnapped by Russian terrorists in Donetsk

 Researcher of religion I.Kozlovskyi kidnapped by Russian terrorists in Donetsk

Igor Kozlovskyi, (photo from

A prominent researcher of religion Igor Kozlovskyi was kidnapped by Russian terrorists in Donetsk two days ago. After the kidnapping unknown people had broken into his appartment, stole his collection of antiques, computer, appliences and documents.

His wife Valentyna who had a telephone talk with those people was told that Kozlovskyi had been arrested for “wrong correspondence in Facebook”.

Later she found out that he was put into a MGB cellar.

MGB (a Donbas terrorist analogue of  KGB with similar methods) has not confirmed Kozlovskyi’s arrest.

The kidnapping of Igor Kozlovskyi took place after a demonstration against “sects” (all non-Moscow Patriarchy denominations and religions) and a night blowing up of Lenin monument in Donetsk. Some over people with possible pro-Ukrainian position were captured as well, a volunteer coordinator Maryna Cherenkova among them.

Igor Kozlovskyi (a honorary citizen of the Oklahoma State, by the way) is known scholar and public figure, author of many books and organizer of several public initiatives. After Russian invasion, Kozlovskyi was not able to leave Donetsk because he nursed his sick son.

The so-called “DNR (Donetsk Peoples Republic)” terrorist organization has not released any comments on the matter yet.

We all pray for Igor and ask for any help and information in his cause.

UPD 03.02.2016: today a Russian historian, phD V.Solovei has informed citing his private sources in Donetsk, that 60-year-old Kozlovskyi might be charged with the “creation of armed band for murder and robbery”.

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