“Sacred dietetics” theories of Russian neopaganism

1395933781 1 Sacred dietetics theories of Russian neopaganism

Neo-pagan guru Vedaman Trehlebov is the founder of one of most hilarious “dietetics evolution” theories ever made

Esoteric and religious systems have always paid strong attention to sacred physiology, “thin level” body practices, and food regulations; New Age and neo-paganism are not exception, but rarely in the history of humanity had these disciplines achieved such burlesque and ugly forms as in modern Russian neo-paganism.

Historically, Russian sectarian movements have always been eager to all kinds of  self-mutilations like skoptsi or flagellants and other extreme body-damaging practices.

Modern Russian neo-paganas are as eager to body experiments as their ancestors have been two, three, or four centuries ago. Self-flagellation hurts and it has lost its charm after rationalism and communism eras; and with their pretensions for the Vedic heritage, and knowledge of Ultimate Truth derived from ancient Arians, Russian neo-pagans focus their body-experimentation vigor (thus providing unlimited number of lols for Internet community) in the sphere of sacred physiology and the achievement of healthy and happy life via food regulation and what can be called “sacred dietetics” – a number of “hypothesises” or “sacred truthes” on proper dietetics for spiritual growth.

The nineties have witnessed a thrive of all kinds of body cleaning (chistka) and “thin body cleaning” procedures, urinotherapy, hypnosis-from-TV healers and the like. Still, the real boom of sacred dietology has sprung in late 2000s. (more…)

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Ukraine’s Freedom: Is Putin crazy?

bambi slayer 300x200 Ukraines Freedom: Is Putin crazy?

Does the northern Bambi-slayer have medium-like contacts with “another world”? Or had Putin just gone crazy?

Is Putin crazy? From Western mass-media it looks like the whole world order these days depends on the question of Putin’s (in)sanity. Many still think Putin has gone mad\crazy\insane.

He has and he has not.
To understand Putin we need to take a deep dive into Russian infra-mystics.
Bloomberg’s logic “he’s not crazy, he’s KGB” is just an “outer” part of the answer, but to understand this creature’s motivation we need to go really deep into dark realms of consciousness and metaphysics. Western intellectuals don’t like Russian mystics – common sense of protestant-spirit countries is afraid of old Christian spirituality and visionarism, that often operate at the edge of pshychotism.

One of great Russian writers, Tyutchev, had once dropped a phrase, that has become a proverb: “You can’t understand Russia with your mind”.

It’s true – Russian rulers’ deeds logic, especially that of tsars, gensecs, and other chieftains had often gone beyond Western attemps to rationally predict or understand it. When Anglo-Saxons ask “is Putin a rational player?”, they think of rationality of their own type, and Putin’s deeds seem illogical or controversial. (more…)

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Ukraine’s freedom: we want our nukes back

ru nuke irbm ss20 01 300x189 Ukraines freedom: we want our nukes backSo, the Crimean “referendum” has started. Russia has occupied a part of Ukraine, Russian provocations take place all over southern and eastern Ukraine every day. Russian troops in full readiness stay along the borders of the largest European country even from the side of Belorus. They are ready to attack. Neither EU, nor the USA have done anything except “sanctions” to prevent this.

In 1990ies Ukraine had given away all of its nukes in exchange for borders’ integrity guarantees from USA, UK, and Russia. After collapse of USSR Ukraine had the third largest nuclear arsenal after USA and Russia. Many called this act of peaceful giving away those devastating weapons a political suicide, but the nation wanted to live in peace after horrors of Soviet regime.
Our nuclear arsenal was big enough to keep all the planet in terror, and to make good money from selling its parts to all kinds of terrorist regimes. Ukrainian people had chosen a different way and the strongest world powers did guarantee us peace.

The West, as during our revolution against Yanukovych, is still “deeply concerned”. More and more people in Ukraine think – all those “guarantees” are worth nothing. West is not protecting us. No matter how this conflict is resolved (looks like without US help Ukraine is to lose at least Crimea, or couple more regions, or even all the Left-bank Ukraine in worst scenario), we ought to get the nukes back for protection from Kremlin.

We do not want the mass destruction weapons back. But it looks like we desperately need them. (more…)

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