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Achamoth” or “Ahamot” (ukr.: Ахамот, en.translit.: Ahamot) is a modern Ukrainian novel by Vyachelsav Ageyev. The plot uncovers schizoteric revolutions, sex and psychedelics, Rage against the machine, struggle for the freedom of humanity fighting and spiritual quest for Enlightment opposed by conspiracies of imperial secret services of USA and Russia. Ahamot sometimes looking as a psy-detective often swings almost to full madness, balances to the edge of common sense and reason, and challenges our illusions on the laws of Universe. The crazy pilgrimage of a female Eastern martial arts master into the citadel of patriarchy – the monastic republic of Athos, where women have not being allowed to enter for the last thousand years under penalty of  divine scourge. Deep spirituality and Buddhism, fundamentalism and tortures, new metaphors and views on life’s sence – all these you’ll find in the story devoted to the ancient gnostic goddess Achamoth.

 Readable and downloadable freely currently in Ukrainian. (You can help the project by translating Ахамот into other languages)

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