Karma-Sutra III: Karma, God, Destiny, And The Laws Of The Universe

chakra www.clear vision.org  Karma Sutra III: Karma, God, Destiny, And The Laws Of The Universe

Lets consider now the common concept, according to which “karma” is “destiny.” In fact, the relations of fate and karma is a question to large extent, not for the scholars of religion, but for the psychologists. Someone of them has formulated it as follows: “sow an act — reap a habit, sow a habit — reap character, saw character – get your destiny” — a good illustration of the law of karma in application to human life.

All the creature’s actions, even the smallest and the simplest, automatic and unconscious (on the levels “of each chakra”, or, simpler, at the level of the body, emotions, and mind) affect its fate, but do not determine it by themselves, because what happens to the creature is a results of countless activities of other beings and non-beings.

Limited minds are not able to comprehend all these actions and their consequences, so we often “explain” good or bad events with “accident”, fate, or other kalya-kalya.

Remember, Karma is just an action or activity; generalizing — the cosmic law, the principle of connectedness of causes and results of the actions and their consequences.
Karma is not fate, human being acts by his own will, but is still carried by the actions flow of other creatures and of his own unconscious and involuntary deeds.

In fact, the dispute whether the law of karma exists “independently of God” (God, as we understand is far greater than the Architect of the World and his functions and programs) or God is personally involved in distribution of karmic punishments and rewards, as in Christianity, is of neither meaning, nor importance — it is more about the definition of God, then of “spiritual physics”, or “thin matters and laws”. Hence all the debates about the topic. When they say “Christianity does not recognize karma ” – it is wrong: Christianity does not recognize the concept of reincarnation (it does not, whatever newagers and “esoterics” who do not read the sources may say); Christianity didn’t manage to see the interconnectedness of all things so well as Buddhism did.But it still has it’s versions of the doctrine of karma, some are quite elaborate – think of Dante’s, for example.

Flat mind imposes on the world it’s primitive scenario: “if we “sow good”, then we should reap good from the world”; but when the expected goods do not come, the creature starts to complain: Lord, why do You do everything differently then I’ve imagined of You. (From the point of view of most Hindu religions, as well as the Last Testament’s Church of Vissarion and Gnosticism, a prayer to Brahma, the Creator of the lower world, has no slightest sense, it a priori can not be effective. These religions consider that there’s no need to pray to this authority).

However, things are more complicated. Let me repeat once more: not only our actions determine our results, but all the sum of actions in the universe around us. To empower the uncertainity we also need to mention the factor of perception bias: some actions can be understood as “good” by one and “pure evil” by another one. When Ukrainian complains, why living in his country is so bad – he does only good things, and “should receive good things back”, he complains on the collective Ukrainian and broadly, collective human karma, and still sins with (and suffers from) absolutisation of his own assessment of his activity and all its consequences which he is not capable to predict.

Thus, we can think that “retribution” for certain actions is given by angry god (as in Judaism) — but in today’s world it is more acceptable to distinguish “God” from manifestation of mechanical and spiritual Laws, according to which the universe is built. These laws are not good nor bad, they just exist.

From another point of view – the Laws are bad, we suffer through them, however, through their action we do learn.

What is important for mankind as a whole, these laws can be changed.
At least, so says Daniil Andreev — higher “hierarchies” have such forces; but also people, human masses with great efforts can also slightly affect them. According to Andreev, some beings even come with such a task, a mission – relief, softening of karma laws.

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