Karma Sutra II: Interconnectedness and contingency

Dharmachakra malindawords.blogspot.com  300x300 Karma Sutra II: Interconnectedness and contingencyIn light of previous definition of karma we conclude that randomness does not exist; when we allow ourselves to mark some thing in the perception of the universe as “random”, we just sign the testimony of our minds’ cognitive impotence to grasp the wholeness of cause-effect connections that have led to the result, or the testimony of laziness or lack of resources to continue research.
Practical scientists, recognizing the limitations of our ability to calculate and thus foresee all the interactions, got to count the probabilities of different events as percentages — in some areas they’ve even achieved good results, but these probabilities are only our hiding from the fact that we can not comprehend or, at least, see THE WHOLE PICTURE. (This fact for some becomes extremely threatening epistemologically, because it has a potency to rise an issue of THE ONE WHO SEES THE WHOLE PICTURE, or at least, of those who see more than we do.)

In contrast to human, some entities or beings can see cause-effect connections very deeply, some of them are able to produce prophecies occasionally — incomprehensible mystical phenomena for people, and an integral part of these entities’ deeper vision of consequences. Analogy: not “enlightened” by modern civilization tribal aborigine in the Amazon jungle will comprehend our technologic ability to see person on the other end of the continent through webcamera as a miracle and magic; simply because his brain is not able to see all causal ties behind very complex phenomenon which is a triviality for a modern Western man.

God is the Subject who sees all the completedness of all connections. — He is Everything and all the Totality of relations, connections, and awareness of them:).

More of that — what really amazes in the structure of our world is the fact that all the described works not only at the level of Newtonian physics, but also at emotional, mental, and all other levels. The laws that bind all these different level interactions are that True Laws of the Universe, the main secret of many religions, subjects of terabytes of speculations, mythologizations, and downright charlatanry. The fact of the matter is that getting to the “higher levels” and the vision of these interactions one can only through altering his being, and as far as I know, in no other way — not through money, not through reading wise books.

What is more interesting: it seems that some creatures or entities that have “enlightened” a little (to get enlightened = to go beyond karma? Beyond the ignorance of karmic consequences? To cease creating karma and reap its fruits?) are able to change someone’s karma on, using schizoteric terminology, “subtle” deeper levels of interactions if they wish so.
Traditional religious Weltanschauung endows with such abilities avatars, saints, gurus, spirits of some places, etc…

To be continued

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