15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

Bridge 04 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

Have you ever dreamed where to go in 2020? We have, — check out 15 most wonderful places to visit in 2020.

Our planet’s surface is going through significant change. Some places change drastically, some do resist as if they were eternal… World as we know it is to change drastically in just few years. Check out 15 most magnificent places to visit in 2020 with us!

1312 Impression 02 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#1 Mobius Bridge, Changsha, China

China is the place where many brave projects implement these days.
The “Mobius” bridge is one of them: its futuristic design and logistics is based on knotting ideas found in ancient Chinese art and modern physic’s concepts of Mobius ring.
Construction is scheduled to begin next year.
Check out this fascinating bridge, where pedestrians will be able to walk at different heights.

Source: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1475789/thumbs/o-BRIDGE-570.jpg?5



Zion national park 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#2 Zion National Park in Utah, USA

Being one of the most beautiful masterpieces, the rivers have carved on the planet’s body, this colorful canyon cannot leave you untouched. Zion national park is ideal for rest or peaceful meditation, as well as for active hiking, backpacking, bicycling, with lots of opportunities for climbing, canyoneering, and rafting among crazy colors of long-vanished geologic epochs. Zion’s unique history and geography awake the desire to explore in every visitor. Just imagine walking along the tracks of America’s first people who chased mammoths 12 000 years ago…

Source: http://www.escapenormal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Zion-national-park.jpg


 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#3 Taipei, Taiwan

Spirit of new tech thrives in Taiwan’s capital Taipei even more rapidly than in China. New civilization is developing here. Taipei tries to combine informational age construction techniques with “green” and eco-friendly thinking providing world’s best examples of research, innovation, and out-of-the-box industry solutions for every sphere of our life.
Taipei will astonish us with its “Taiwan Miracle” development — brave and provocative architecture, high-tech experimenting, Asian work ethics and labor organization, financial power and fast-track city life.

Source: http://www.islands.com/files/2012/taipei101elephantmountainviewsunseet_copy.jpg?1334277082


Manarola Cinque Terre Italy Wallpaper 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#4 Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore, Italy

Cinque Terre is a marvelous union of five Italian Riviera villages sloping down in steep banks to the warm sea. Cinque Terre will challenge you to experience Mediterranean landscapes both from the boat and by foot — the villages boast best coastline hiking trails in Europe. Many people come here just to marvel the tints of sunsets and warm nights – it seems that these far-off shores of Italy will never change and keep their lovely provincial lore, festivals, and holidays forever and ever…

Source: http://hdfons.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Manarola_Cinque_Terre_Italy-Wallpaper.jpg


1247673641 fine living top 10 paradises on earth 3 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#5 Patagonia, Chile

Chile’s southern regions still witness few tourists, these lands of rocks, forests, and twinkling ice of glaciers challenge travelers with absence of roads and infrastructure, but richly reward with blue, almost polarized skies, abundance of wildlife, and solemn mountains. We hope this natural fortress will hold out till 2020.

Source: http://images.askmen.com/top_10/travel/1247673641_fine-living-top-10-paradises-on-earth_3.jpg


1%2BNational%2BMosque%2Bof%2BMalaysia 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#6 Putra Mosque, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Putrajaya is a new capital city of Malaysia, a showcase of country’s dream for bright future.
The Putra Mosque, or Masjid Putra in Malay, is the main mosque of Putrajaya, and a symbol of new Malaysia. Although the city still goes through active rebuilding, the mosque’s construction has been finished in 1999 and it attracts more and more visitors every year since. The mosque has become a popular sight among tourists and Islam devotees because of its amazing reflections in man-made
Putrajaya Lake.

Source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-m-mM17-XDRY/UZTu2rA3NZI/AAAAAAAAo-A/t5nqf9AuQos/s320/1+National+Mosque+of+Malaysia.jpg


Tokyo 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#7 Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital is the most populated metropolis, a city of money, robotics, lights, and unique culture. This photo gives just a flash of what Tokyo can offer: all possible and impossible kinds of entertainment, business opportunities, education – the city pulsates with energy.
It is one of Earth’s capitals of computer, robotics, industry; it is also one of the major centers that develop rapidly and define the development of science, technologies, and our lifes. Somehow, Tokyo manages to combine lucid dreams of future with well-preserved traditional culture of Japan.
We cannot even imagine how the city will look in 2020, but it definitely worth visiting.

Source: http://www.anime-contemplation.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Tokyo.png


singapore1680x1050 1024x640 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#8 Singapore

Singapore is the place where humanity’s social experimenting has produced wonderful results already and is to produce even more in the nearest future. By 2020 Singapore is going to become an example of rational city planning, cutting edge  technologies, education, the place where craziest ideas arise and implement.

Source: http://www.funpeak.com/funnypics/singapore.jpg


mount merapi 33802 990x742 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#9 Mount Merapi and Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia

Leave your fast and changing rhythm of modern life and come to Borobudur to stop the time and feel the power of Buddhist world. Borobudur is a huge temple complex dating from the 8th century. Lost in southern jungle for many years and rediscovered in 1814 it still hides many mysteries.
The monument’s architecture is full of deep symbolism – it embodies Buddhist worldview and philosophy.

Source: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/mount-merapi/


maldives 3 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#10 Maldives

Maldives are 2,000 islands in the Indian Ocean, with almost no elevation. Due to global warming and rise of sea level Maldives sink by little every year, but in 2020 the islands will still be able to welcome guests to relax in azure waters of island paradise.

Source: http://15pictures.com/wp-content/gallery/15-pictures-maldives/maldives-3.jpg


1260024094 last 311x450 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#11 Urban Forest at Chongqing, China

Our dreams of futuristic non-linear architecture are soon to come true. The ambitious skyscraper-city project in China has all chances to get finished by 2020. We will witness unusual city shapes, “hanging gardens” on hundredth floor, glass walls, super eco-ergonomics and much more.

Source: http://ad009cdnb.archdaily.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/1260024094-last-311×450.jpg


1200px Ahilya Ghat by the Ganges%2C Varanasi 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#12 Varanasi, India

Varanasi is older than history. Indians claim that it is the oldest city on Earth.
It might be boasting, but walking along its streets you can physically feel the bliss and sanctity in the air.
Antiquity pierces you to your bones, and music is everywhere. Walk Varanasi’s narrow streets avoiding cows with philosopher stare, meet ascetic saddhus at crematory platforms over the holy river Ganga, and get the feeling of something that transcends time and mundanity. Varanasi is the cradle of India’s spirit and if you want to understand modern India, you have to visit holy Varamasi.

Source: http://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A4%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BB:Ahilya_Ghat_by_the_Ganges,_Varanasi.jpg


243 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#13 Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

Named among the Seven Natural Wonders of The World, Victoria Falls often get into postcards and wallpapers, but standing near, watching the great current and hearing its roaring is quite different. It’s a unique place, that combines awe-inspiring beauty and gives feeling of nature’s might – the huge sheets of water fall with immense speed from over 360 feet down into the deep gorge. It hypnotises, makes you watch it by hours and hours.
The falls’ local name, Mosikalamosikala, meaning “the smoke that thunders”, gives some idea what the falls can be like.
The place changes quickly – the strong current cuts the soft riverbed rapidly, chances are that in 2020 the falls will look much different than today.

Source: http://www.topdesignmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/243.jpg


Burj Kalifa Night Photography Dubai UAE 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#14 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Liberal and cosmopolitan emirate Dubai is the richest and most spectacular of the United Arab Emirates. It is a great metropolis, a symbol of oil power of Persian Gulf and victorious demonstration of the power of human will, reason, and money.
Dubai’s achievements are awesome, the emirate has become the place of dreams and pleasures for many, but if the plans for 2020 get implemented, we’ll see even more beautiful and sophisticated city.
There are forecasts of humanity’s oil consumption decline and eventual stop in several decades:  if they come true, 2020 is destined to be the peak of Dubai and best time to visit it – the great city’s main artery is oil, and if Gulf’s oil comes to end, Dubai is destined to lose its appeal.

Source: http://www.colbybrownphotography.com/assets/Burj_Kalifa_Night_Photography_Dubai_UAE.jpg


Grand Canyong Mount Hayden 15 Most Wonderful Places to Visit in year 2020

#15 Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

The canyon cut by Colorado river dives into a depth of over a mile. It has been here for millions of years before us.
Watching it, trying to comprehend its dimensions, can put anyone’s mind to standby. Evolution has not prepared us for watching things of such a scale.
The rock formation is just so huge, and so unbelievably colored, that seeing it for the first time, it’s difficult to fight the feeling of irreality or of being on a different planet.
Seeing this miracle can become life’s greatest experience – this slice of geology is like a touch of eternity, of different time and space, of only thing unchangeable in the constantly changing world.

Source: http://daddu.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Grand-Canyong-Mount-Hayden.jpg

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